30 August 2009

big letter DIY

draw a big letter on a piece of paper, cut it out, trace it onto a piece of stiff cardboard, flip over the paper trace a mirror image on to another piece or stiff cardboard. cut out both.

find some bendable cardboard for the middle section.
tape it in between the stiffer cardboard cutouts, if you are doing curves or 'O's or 'S's the cardboard will need to bend around the curves.

Tear up small strips of newspaper and mix up some paste. You can use regular store-bought paste for the papier mache part or just mix some flour, water and salt (I use the latter with a bit of PVA glue mixed in). Dip a small newspaper strip in the paste and apply.
cover the entire cardboard contraption with at least two layers of papier mache, letting each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next one. for a smoother effect you can do the final layer with tissue paper
let it dry completely.
optional coat of texture paste or modelling compound (helps smooth things out)
then give it a light sanding with fine sand paper.
paint it!
try to use matte paint as anything too glossy will only accentuate all the lumps that you can't really avoid with paper mache.

hang it up or put it on a shelf!

This is a big "M" I made in 2004, no round bits, much easier. Still going strong.

19 August 2009

bound for glory

regular copy-paper, folded, sewn and bound

nifty endpapers

hand-bound notebook using cardboard, glue, thread, white laser paper, wadding and felt for the cover

cage + paper + 30 minutes

I hacked a candle-holder cage into a bedside lamp using an ikea light-fitting from a broken lamp.
first I cut a hole big enough to fit the light fitting in the bottom of the cage, removing the bit that holds the candle.
then I put in the light fitting, securing it to the base with wire. Then lined the inside with thick printed paper (scrapbooking stuff works good because its sturdy and comes in nice colours/prints). then plug it in and... voila!