31 May 2007

boxy but good

box project. I took a storage box from Ikea and stained and painted it with an initial and some embellishments on it. this is the "Before" picture.
(albeit I did have to build it, with a little hair-pulling and some hammer-throwing)

this is the "After"

I was thinking about painting the whole thing a solid colour or cover it in some nice patterned paper, but in the end I wanted to keep the nice wood-grain, because otherwise I could have just bought a plastic or MDF box.

The whole thing was stained with water-based floor stain, "W" painted with acrylic gold paint, the leafy scrolls with oil paints, then the whole thing varnished with water based glue/varnishy stuff.


andrea said...

wow that's really beautiful! What a great gift.

Anonymous said...

I found this off ikeahacker and just wanted to let you know I think it's absolutely gorgeous, something to be cherished forever. I wish I had the artistic talent to make one of those for myself [the staining I could do, but the rest of it I'd make a mess out of, I'm sure].