12 January 2010

Pro's and Cons

Japanese wave inspired custom painted chucks. These are really simple all you need is a black sharpie and white watered down acrylic or fabric paint (and a small paint brush would possibly help). Find an image you like and one that matches the colour of the shoe, do not, under any circumstance use images from Twilight. You will have to paint the same image four times, so choose something relatively simple.

Draw the outline with the black marker, no point using a pencil, it won't show up.

paint it!
I painted several layers, building up the white. Repeat on all sides until you see waves when you close your eyes and slowly go mad.




Tones... said...

wow! brilliant zan :) so so so clever...

jstwhatiwnt said...

That is so cool! I am paint challenged person (unless it is a big, flat wall)so I stand in awe of your talent!

Junie Moon said...

I learned about your awesome shoes on the One Pretty Thing blog. I'm so impressed and think this is a fantastic project. Thank you for sharing your art shoes as well as the process you utilized.

Sweetie Pie Suite said...

these are great! love them!!!

Matt said...

Awesome Zan! I love Chucks!

dave said...



AAAAUUUUUUGH, too beautiful.
X David, NYC