15 June 2012

No Sew Skirt from Shirt


This is the lazy persons guide to making a quick simple skirt. All you need is a t-shirt, scissors and a string (from an old hoodie or pyjama bottoms or a long shoe-lace)
Get a shirt that is a bit loose.
Cut it straight across under the arm-pits. (can make it ever shorter later if you're that way inclined).
Turn the piece you've cut upside down.
cut two holes in the hem (big enough for the string to pass through).
Thread the string through one hole out the other (with the help of a safety pin)

The hem that was the bottom of the shirt is now the top of the skirt.
This will hold the skirt up, once tied. 
et voila! This took all of about 5 minutes. 
You may need to stretch out the bottom slightly if you don't like it too clingy. Use a printed 
shirt for more interest, but the print will be upside down, be warned! Or you can sew a hem on the 
other end, if you can be bothered getting the machine out and threading it and such...
...Or just make yourself some tea. 

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Anonymous said...

Lovely skirt! :) Sara Q